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Sigvaris products – review

Sigvaris is a 100% family-owned Swiss Company established in 1864 in Winterthur. The company evolved over the years from manufacturing rubber-elastic textiles to being a global market leader in the manufacturing of medical compression garments to improve venous function and manage lymphoedema.

Sigvaris has been my favorite brand of ready-to-wear medical compression stockings for many years. The Magic range, recently renamed SIGVARIS Style Semitransparent is perhaps my preferred style for venous insufficiency, prevention and maintenance or grade 1 lymphoedema. It is elegant and stylish to wear any time, for working or going out. It is available in black and beige and also in other colors such as pink, green or blue amongst other colors and depending on the season. The downside is that not all colors are stocked in Australia and need to be ordered from Switzerland, which can occasionally be delayed by 2 to 6 weeks.

The Cotton range is a stocking with a fine cotton yarn knitted on the inside of the garment, which is in direct contact with the skin. This makes it particularly suitable for people with sensitive skin. The mix of fibres of this garment ensures its comfort during summer time and when exercising. Although thicker than the semitransparent, it is still stylish and comfortable to wear. The Cotton range is also available in custom-made.

The Traditional compression garment is a robust, effective and extremely comfortable garment to wear. I find it ideal for unstable lymphoedema and severe oedema, as the fabric is stronger and more resistant. It is available as a stocking or an arm sleeve. It has a neutral skin colour that matches all clothing and looks rather unobtrusive. The Traditional is also available for custom-made stockings, unfortunately not the arm sleeve in Australia..

I sold quite a few of these ready-to-wear garments over the years to my clients’ satisfaction. All are what is called “circular knit” garment, or garment without a seam. For the knitter, they are knitted in a continuous circular fashion only on one side in comparison to the “flat knit”, which is knitted on both sides to form a flat garment. The garment’s sides need to be sewn together to form a sleeve. Hence, all flat knit garments have a seam. A flat knit fabric is denser and more resistant and is usually custom-made to accommodate all shapes and sizes.

I take advantage here to mention the Mainat garment, which is sold by the Sigvaris Group. It is a ready-to-wear flat knit garment with a strong fabric. It looks good and effective and based on my experience with the Sigvaris products and their reputation, I would have no problem to recommend their flat knit glove, arm sleeve or stocking. Should anyone have feedback on the Mainat garment, I would love to hear from you.

Be fearless, authentic, and stylish. Try wearing the good looking Sigvaris garment. The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear, so choose well and don’t forget that you are never fully dressed without a smile.


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