The lymphoedema treatment is called Complex Lymphatic Therapy and varies for each patient.  The main components of the treatment are manual lymphatic drainage massage, compression,  exercise, skin care and education. 

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A person at risk of developing lymphoedema is someone who has experienced an injury or trauma affecting the lymphatic system i.e. cancer surgery where lymph nodes are removed.

To know that you have a limb at risk of developing lymphoedema should not necessarily stop you from living a fulfilling life. It just mean that you need to remind yourself from time to time to take some precautions i.e.:

  • When carrying on certain activities such as gardening or playing with pets, we would suggest to wear sunscreen, a glove or compression garment on your limb in order to avoid cuts, scratches or sunburn.

  • Take particular care when carrying on an unusual activity such as during moving house. Avoid heavy lifting using the arm at risk.

  • Wear your jewelry on the unaffected limb.

  • Heat tends to exacerbate lymphoedema and it is therefore best to avoid saunas and hot baths.

  • Ensure that any medical procedures such as injections, blood test or blood pressure readings are taken from the unaffected limb.

We discuss how to best prevent and manage lymphoedema during your visit to the clinic. We can design with you a self-care program based on the CLT components to help you keep your independence and restore confidence in yourself and your body. 

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