Dr. Casley Smith Method

The treatment of lymphoedema is called the Complex Lymphatic Therapy because it involves different forms of treatment in order to manage lymphoedema: bandaging, wearing a compression garment, lymphatic drainage massage, exercise, skin care hygiene and education about lymphoedema.

Because lymphoedema develops in stages, your treatment depends on your symptoms and the degree of swelling.

We would like you to keep in mind that an early intervention is always best because it minimizes the effects that lymphoedema can have on your body image and the cost of your treatment.

Ask us for a quote for the intensive treatment of lymphoedema


Bandaging is usually applied when swelling is noticeably present. It represents the intensive part of the treatment. It consists of a daily change of bandages until satisfactory reduction is obtained and no more than 10 days. We make this decision based on the results.  


A compression garment may be necessary for prevention or to maintain a limb size or a reduction in limb size obtained with  bandaging.

Many different compression garments are available on the market. Depending on the severity of lymphoedema a garment may be available off the shelf. It can also be custom-made to suit different shapes. Various factors can affect our recommendation for the best garment to suit you, for example the measurement, the amount of swelling, the skin quality, your choice as much as possible and your ability to comply with the treatment.


Your lymphatic system is a one-way circulatory system. It starts under the surface of the skin and goes deeper into the tissues before returning the lymphatic fluid into the heart. Our lymphatic drainage massage is a systematic, slow, superficial and rhythmical treatment, which involves a thorough clearance of an area before moving to the next. It is slow because the lymphatic system is rather sluggish and the fluid viscous.

Our technique is deliberate to increase the uptake of fluid and wastes under your skin and to stimulate the contraction of the deeper vessels to move the fluid. We consciously encourage the movement of the lymphatic fluid towards several lymph node clusters as it returns to the heart. We can bypass a congested area where lymph nodes have been removed to re-route the fluid in another direction. Our lymphatic drainage massage addresses your lymphatic system specifically.


We are a source of information to you. The more we teach you about your lymphatic system and lymphoedema, the more you are inclined to stick with your self-care program.

We can design with you a self-care program based on the CLT components to help you manage lymphoedema and keep your independence.


With my background in fitness and massage, I can help you choose and design which exercise/activity would best suit your condition and manage lymphoedema. 

We can keep you moving and help you find a healthier you and fulfillment.