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Good posture improves lymph flow It is not as easy as we think to keep a good posture because our body is constantly subjected to the pull of gravity. It gradually compromises our posture and affects all the body systems, as well as our muscle and joint health. Some muscles shorten and become tight, while others lengthen and weaken. They develop trigger points, which create pain and muscle fatigue. When muscles shorten they restrict the range of movement. They create a postural imbalance and irritation, which can cause swelling. The lymphatic fluid can thicken and become viscous. Your upper body can change shape and your breathing capacity decreases. Your shoulders are higher than normal, your chest and arms muscles become tight, and your breath is shallow. The area along the collar bone can become congested because it is actually the area where the lymphatic system dumps its lymph load into the venous system and the heart. Furthermore, the large lymphatic vessels in muscles are controlled by the nervous system, which helps the lymphatic fluid movement. Poor posture can most certainly affect the nerve input and consequently the flow of lymphatic fluid.

To maximize the working of our lymphatic system and the benefit of any exercise, we need to ensure that we observe good posture. Keep your back straight and pull your tummy in just under the belly button. Feel your inner muscles tightening before engaging your breathing. You may notice that you hold your breath when thinking about posture because your mind has forgotten how to naturally synchronize breathing and good posture. Therefore, you are going to do it systematically until you can unconsciously do it. Don't lose heart if it does not happen straight away. Due to the various mechanisms involved in the lymphatic fluid movements throughout the body, it is possible to manage lymphoedema with the combination of lymphatic drainage massage, good posture, deep breathing and exercise. Let's do it folks, enjoy life, defy the pull of gravity.

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