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The Casley-Smith method of manual lymphatic drainage massage is my technique of choice to treat lymphoedema. This technique is designed to follow the mapping of the lymphatic system to work specifically with lymphoedema. It is also a gentle form of bodywork designed to decongest, enhance the flow of lymph fluid, particularly when it comes to decreasing swelling. It can also be beneficial for many conditions such as, lipoedema, lipo/lymphoedema, most types of oedemas, venous insufficiency, and to improve the working of your immune system.

Originally, MLDM was performed for beauty therapy, health, and wellbeing. The technique involved was heavier and broader using oil for the application. It is still a common practice in a day spa setting. It is a nice treatment, although not specific and too heavy for lymphoedema.

In terms of how much pressure to apply during MLDM, I must say that everyone is different, and it is important to recognise the tissue texture. It can be soft and spongy, indurated and pitting, tenser or more relaxed. Your state of mind can play a role, your health status and physical ability too. Your body may generally have a greater water content than somebody else, usually between 60-80%. Lymphoedema can be present in a specific part of your body or be more generalised. Blockages and spill over can happen anywhere. The way you look after yourself, address the issue at hand is also a deciding factor on what treatment,

pressure, speed and specificity I would apply with my technique/s.

I can say that with my lymphatic drainage massage I can:

  • Decongest tissue, help remove excess fluid and improve the function of the immune system. After LDM, you can feel clearer in your head, but at times you can also feel headachy or unwell straight away or the following day. This feeling usually clears up quickly, and when it reoccurs, it dissipates after two or three sessions, as your system functions better. This is the reason why having regular LDM is recommended, although the frequency depends on various factors.

  • I can decrease the amount of swelling with oedema and lymphoedema.

  • Assist stimulating the lymph fluid circulation and decreasing the swelling during an intense treatment of bandaging to obtain a reduction in severe lymphoedema.

The treatment of lymphoedema, oedema and venous insufficiency is more complex and LDM won't do it all because it is necessary to maintain a fluid reduction with a compression garment. I can measure and fit you with a standard or custom-made garment. It is not possible to compromise with a compression garment without consequences. A poor fit can result in non-compliance issues, discomfort and poor quality of life, tourniquets that create pain, increase in swelling and in severe cases necrosis (dying of tissue).

I can also assist with lipoedema at any stages of your journey. I can help you:

  • Manage the condition

  • Fit you with a compression garment

  • Getting ready for surgery

  • Recover after surgery - decrease pain and bruising, and assist fluid drainage.

Everyone has options, and you need to know yours. With my experience, I can help you by giving you simple instructions for self-maintenance massage, exercises, and activities most suitable for you, and refer to another practitioner where needed.

I can offer you these results because when I see you, I know that you are unique, and my treatment is tailored accordingly. Should you have any questions, please raise them in the comment box below or give me a call. Life is too short to wait.

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