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Lymphoedema garment review - Juzo

I am delighted to review Juzo’s compression garments, as this brand has been my favourite custom-made garment for years. The quality of the products and the customer service from the company and Australian distributor is second to none.

Juzo offers medical compression stockings with a well-defined pressure gradient. This means that the pressure decreases continuously from the ankle section upwards towards the heart, and towards the toes. Juzo provides a wide variety of garments, from below-knee stockings to pantyhose, from gloves to face masks, and other additions depending on their therapeutic application, and let's not forget to mention the arm sleeves too.

Their ready-to-wear garments represent high quality, great aesthetic and effectiveness. They are available in various colors however the drawback is that not all colors are stocked in Australia and need to be ordered from Germany. The wait is usually two to three weeks. The beige and black garments however are generally available off-the-shelf or in two to three days.

The ready-to-wear garments are generally circular knitted. They are seamless products predominantly used in lymphoedema and venous therapies. Venous insufficiency can be a bit tricky to treat particularly in older people with conditions like congestive heart problems and ulcers. To make it easy we can order the Juzo Soft or Dynamic in various class compression. The Juzo Ulcer is specific, and the treatment set comprises two types of compression stockings that are used in combination: one Ulcer Expert and two Ulcer Liners, which hold wound dressing securely in place. I do not do wound care but I can measure and fit you with the garment you need.

The Juzo Dynamic range is the ideal circular-knitted stocking for high demands. The knitted-in silver thread in the Juzo Dynamic Silver has the antibacterial effect for an inflamed and irritated skin and the Juzo Dynamic Cotton has the comfortable cotton fabric on the inner surface of the garment to make it pleasant to wear.

Flat knitted compression products are the ideal complement to lymph drainage treatment when treating lymphoedema and help secure the long-term success of decongestive therapy. They are custom-made and have a seam. There is a two to three-weeks waiting when ordering, as they are manufactured in Germany and shipped over to Australia.

The Juzo Special Purpose Garment intrigued me when I heard of it at the ALA Symposium. It is catalogued under the heading of Box type. It is a custom-made pantyhose stocking that can be ordered for large circumference dimension and in case of pronounced hip and buttock shape. I did not know this product but I am keen to test it, as it makes good sense. It would be particularly suitable for large individuals and lipoedema. To individualise it even more, it is possible to choose the gusset size.

A genital pad for men and women is also available for insertion into a compression pantyhose to target lymphoedema in the genital area. This is a particularly troublesome and difficult to treat area. Should you have genital oedema, I would suggest that you give it a go.

The Juzo product range is quite extensive so I cannot mention all products. I would recommend that you contact me for a consultation or lymphatic drainage massage. We can then discuss your needs for lymphoedema and I can talk you through the compression garment types. You are more than your anxiety, let us find a solution.

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