• Jeanine Mewburn

Confidence in lymphoedema

I have been intrigued and attracted by a few garments that were presented at the ALA Symposium in May and would like to share my thoughts with you on a few different products. Today, I would like to have a closer look at Jobst garments.

I will start with the “Confidence” stocking, which is their new range of flat-knit custom-made compression garments and recommended for patients with mild to moderate lymphoedema and lipoedema. What attracted me most to this garment is the softness of the fabric in comparison with other flat-knit garments and also the technology behind it. It is described as a unique contour fit technology that conforms to your body shape. All garments to me should fit your body shape, otherwise what is the point in ordering a custom-made compression garment, right? However, it often happens that I have to “tweak” the measurements in order to fit the contours. There is apparently no need for it with the “Confidence” range due to its new technology. What makes it equally unique is its range of colors. Look at the red and navy blue swatches below, don't they look superb! Imagine yourself wearing them.

When I heard about this garment, my first thoughts went straight to my lipoedema clients trying to fit unsuccessfully into a flat-knit pantyhose. The downside to the "Confidence" range is that it is only available in arm sleeve, knee and thigh-high, not in a pantyhose format. Hopefully it is still to come. Should you have experience with this product, please feel free to add your comments below, I would love to hear about it.

In the process of gathering information from Jobst I discovered a lovely “Relax” night compression garment that promotes freedom of movement during sleep, is cushioning, breathable, lightweight, and not actually bulky. I also had the opportunity to see and feel the good looking and stylish Ultra Sheer stocking with the diamond pattern black, which is available in class 1 and 2. The downside is that the fabric, being so sheer, is not as supportive as other class 2 garments. It does not not mean that it does not have a place on the market. I would recommend it for venous insufficiency and early detection of lymphoedema and lipoedema. It may not so much be suitable for someone with unstable and more advanced lymphoedema but it could be a good alternative to wear for a night out.

The last garment I would like to discuss is the ready-to-wear flat knit "Elvarex" soft that lives to its name and also looks good. Until now flat-knit garments were only available in custom-made and that makes it more affordable. Generally a custom-made garment would cost twice the price of a standard one.

These recommendations are based on my experience in practice. Jobst is a long standing and reputable company, which offers much more than the few garments I have discussed. I would have no problem to recommend it based on the feedback I have received from my clients over the years. Please share your experience if you are wearing any of their products, I would like to hear from you and so would the lymphoedema, lipoedema community.

Stay tune for more reviews on what is new on the market. In the meantime, stay healthy and please make an appointment if you need assistance with lymphatic drainage massage, measuring and garment fitting.

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